Monday, October 21, 2013

Taking It!

Last week was an eye-opening season for me. Some opportunities were knocking on my footsteps. And I guess I was ready to take it given the reality that I had been complaining lately of what was happening around me. I had to think really wise and timely to extract what is good for me. I had think it over last Friday with a cup of coffee. And I prayed to God. And the next I had trooped to the familiar street. I had remembered seven years ago I was at that avenue too. And a deja vu? I guess so. For the better.

With a nice room view I had took it with no regrets. Next process will on my way. I hope fate and luck and of course God should help me. I really need them now. And later that afternoon I went to my brother in Cubao and we had a very heart-to-heart talk regarding some decisions that I should make. He agreed with it and I was really on my way to what I really want. I should get it. I should have it. Now.

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