Three People

There are certain people in our life that made us what we are today. As I aged I have realized that I can categorized them into three major categories. I came with this idea a long time ago but it only now that I have  remembered it. And actually put it on writing. These three categories are so broad that I cannot reduce it anymore. If you are in the circle of one of those categories, then good for you. Just be careful where circle you are into with my life.

People Who Helps Me. From my parents up to those people who really helped me where I am today. Those mentors, teachers, everyone who do not put me down. Thanks to my parents who bring me to life in this world. Thanks to my brother and sister who really care when no one is there. Who else. I would say those people who in one or the other give me some hands to land a job and somehow guide me in my career. I wish to give thanks to all of my teachers from elementary up to the graduate school. I want to include my classmates too who I trust and becomes my friends for life. I have remembered after my high school years that I was the one who organized for our annual reunion and luckily some of my barkadas really saved time to get to the occasions. I included them in this list. I want to give also this circle to those unknown mentors and bosses of mine for the past years and helped me to realize and forged within myself the leadership that I must possess to go on with my life. I am indebted to them for life.

People I Am Able To Help. I must admit I am a helpful person. As long as I have something to offer and someone really needs my assistance I give it all. I give my time to some classmates to finish their thesis in college. I give my time to some special friends and give them advice and presence whenever they are in deep trouble. I give some financial favor if I have some money. I have give some mentoring sessions to some younger generations. I treat to every possible restaurants some of my family especially my mother and nieces and nephews. I give valuable information to those people who really need it. I give my editing knowledge to people who really needs it that may spell a life-saving tool for them. I helped whenever I have the time and the capacity. Those are from my heart and I never wait for return because I am contented by the happiness by mere seeing them as relieved because I have helped.

People Who Put Me Down. There are also people whom I treated as friends before only to realize that they are just masking their intentions. They are all around. Some steal my work. Some use my ideas to advance their career. And now I have realize it I must do some justice for myself by bringing them down too. It is high time to get some revenge in such a very nice way. I have learned a lot from these people. I have learned to play. And I will fool them to see them in a mud where they should really belong. It is time for me to act and balance the people in my life. I know they are inevitable. I know they will exist forever but I will not let them harm me again. No way!


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