Enough For Now

First I have bought some perfumes..some pens..
And now a Ray-Ban..I need it for sun's protection ( Dammam is so famous for high temperature!)

Then a couple of nights ago I have bought a watch..Blas' gift to me ( a Puma watch) is somehow damaged - it is running but in a day it is becoming late..and I cannot tell the real time now..So I have no choice but to buy a new wristwatch for me..And a few blocks away ( 5 minutes walk maybe from our house) Seiko district as we know it has it all the watches in the world. I should have bought a Seiko 5 automatic but a friend of mine have cautioned me in buying an automatic one. It might be good but not good enough and some problems occur when he had bought one back in the Philippines.

So I bought a Citizen.
I guess these items are enough for me..back to savings hehehe!

But I really cannot help but buy these books..need some time away from online world..and my refuge? of course books!


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