Longing for that long ride - a joyride to nowhere? south to north? south to south? on the edge of the world?
I guess I am just a little bit exhausted ( humidity is killing us!) or maybe just a little excited for my December's vacation to my very homeland The Philippines!

I have remembered last year I have renewed my passport in July. It had  expired two months before July and I guess and remember that I really need to renew it for something. Of course to travel abroad. I never had a slightest idea that a year later now I will be here in the Kingdom. But honestly I like it here. The challenges. The adjustments. New learning. New everything.

A leap of faith. Change of destiny. For the better!


  1. loving a lot of things in the ME except the heat and humidity. :)

  2. ngayon ko nararamdaman na mainit nga pala sa Saudi huhuhu...sobrang init! sobrang mapawis!! nakakapanghina..

  3. hayaan mo. malapit ng bumaba ang temp. konting tiis na lang.


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