I listened now ( again)

And I have forgotten to listen and learned for the longest time. I used to listen to AM radio before when the very famous Ernie Baron was still alive over DZMM. I used to gather so much information only by listening to his nightly show which started during my elementary years. And then the internet came and I was flooded by so much information overload that sometimes I really have to rest and rethink all of the nuisances that the online world is giving to me.

And then I discovered the podcast. I am listening now to the happyyuppie podcast and the Dad's show. I even downloaded them via itunes and listen to them even when I am on the bus on our way to work.

Some striking ideas when I listened to those podcast came along and somehow retained in my memory. Sometimes the memories of Jake and the Morning show somehow resurfaced in the persona of John Worsham in his The Dad podcast. He is so funny just like Jake when Jake still have the morning show in NU107 back in the 1990's.


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