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Want To Take The "L" ?

I think I have given up my dream of being a lawyer for the moment and really focus on some other matters that might in the end bring me back to that "law" thing. I have just remember it now because yesterday I was talking to a friend of mine who's starting to love the law. He is somehow lost too. I have told him about this book by Turow which I have read for the nth time and got puzzled and sometimes scared of continuing my wish to become a person of jurisprudence someday. In that book the author narrated the worst and best moments of the most challenging first year at the Harvard Law School. I told my friend to visit and read this book to enlightened him of what it is to be like a freshman student of law.

My friend Alot invited me last year to go with her and study law. She is now currently on her second year I guess and she is loving it the law school. And she is very determined.

About a year ago or two years maybe I have met my old time friend and he is lawyer now. But unfortunately he suggested me that I'd rather not take the law for some reasons. So I was disappointed by that time and really confused why he had said that. He said that I'd better take another route. In that time I was on my last year of my MBA so I never bothered to continue to law since then. And besides I have to pay again for the tuition and prepare for those times to study a much harder discipline. And I am not getting any younger. I have some other priorities and maybe skipping law is the best option I ever have. And maybe I am not really destined to be a lawyer. I am just happy that my name is from a cousin of mine who is a lawyer himself: Marlo Perez Arcinas.

But let's see in the future if the wind will blow again and whisper to my mind that I am ready again for the law degree. Let us see in the future.


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