Saturday, August 30, 2014

Trip To Khobar

I think it is about a month since my last visit to Khobar because of Ramadan and I am much busier here in Dammam. And last Thursday night together with some of my friends we went to Khobar. And where else to go in Khobar but in Ramaniyah Mall. It is the mall which is flocked by many Filipinos here in KSA and if you are there you will say that you have not left the Philippines because almost all of the shopper and bystanders are all Filipino. Even the sellers/retailers learn Tagalog to attract the majority Filipino visiting the mall. The area where Ramaniyah is located is a very good spot and in its vicinity there are so many shops for almost anything that we want. There are other establishments that sell jewelries and gold and diamonds in an affordable price. There are many Filipino restaurants and supermarkets nearby. There are many small coffee shops along the busy district. A Pinoy's place in the desert!

In the mall itself there are so many Filipino fast food chains like Jollibbee and the soon-to - open Chowking. Other food shops sell mostly Filipino foods.

And almost every week if there are chances and of course some money to spare we go to Khobar and feel the tiny place where Philippines can be felt and actually experience.

In our visit I have bought two caps for the intense heat here in Dammam especially in the afternoon when we have to walk a little distance of about 10 minutes to our flat.

And lastly a trip to Khobar will never be completed if we do not eat at our national fast food chain Jollibbee!

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