Monday, February 18, 2013

A Father And A Lost Woman

I am talking about two stories. Two fathers one in each story and a lost woman in one story. A movie. More or less. A weekend of doing nothing but eat and drink and watch movies. And lots of sleep.

With the fifth installment of Die Hard I can assure you that it is worth your hundred bucks. An action-packed movie with some dramatic content along the story of a father and son and the usual Bruce Willis' dialogue makes the movie not only worthwhile to watch but be amazed at how those ammunition and fire power got on the entire run of the film. You can never be wrong that Die Hard really does not disappoint its moviegoers that mostly comprised of not so young individuals like me. Maybe we really cannot moved on with our hang-over with the four previous Die Hard franchise.

And another one which eat up my afternoon yesterday was the Nicholas Spark's adaptation into film of his work Safe Haven. The usual Sparks's love story; so simple yet so true-to-life. And we do not need such hard thinking and interpretation to appreciate the movie but just relax and enjoy the simple yet moving dramatization with such very good cinematography against the country-side background. A Sparks' trademark. Though it is not really that hard to absorb the story, somehow it will remind us that indeed LOVE is all we need and only LOVE is the safe haven on this turbulent times and place.

I know that our roles that we play until the very end will vary upon the situations that we are into. We maybe a son, a mother, a father or anything that this society needs. We maybe just nothing but eventually a SOMETHING/SOMEONE to a particular individual. And with the right timing we could be as ONE. A marriage.

By the way my diet plan was put on hold this weekend or should I say every weekend because of those food I really cannot avoid. Temptations so high I cannot resist but eat a lot!

 Halo halo to welcome the warm summer!

 coffee with my cousins Jephren and Joven..

and my lunch and dinner..lomi and lauriat..heavyweight!

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  1. speaking about diet (our never ending game plan), why don't you try restraining yourself on weekdays but giving all out naman on weekends. cheat days, kung baga.lets say, no meat for 5 days, but baby back on Sat. or Sun?


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