The Road Less Traveled

Almost every week I am on road. I travel. Be on a bus, or from a friend's car I am always on the go. I always feature some restaurants or coffee shops that make the travel and visit a worthwhile endeavor.

And on this summer,if it will push through, we have two major summer route escapade for 2013. The Pinatubo Trekking Adventure and the Boracay Getaway!

I can't wait to see those two wonderful destinations! Yesterday we have booked ourselves for the Pinatubo trekking while on the Boracay exit we are still gathering some cousins and friends to join with us.

And thanks to Google Photos I can have a sneak peak to these two awesome places!

and of course the famous Boracay Island and we will go there via 2Go, a shipping vessel from Batangas City Port to Caticlan.


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