"Nasaan Ka Nung Unang Edsa Revolution?"

I was in Grade I. A turbulent year for me as I have remembered it so well. I did not want to go to school that year and I was eight years old, one year older than the normal first grader. I wanted to go to the city where we had a new house back then. I remembered how my mother got angry with me since I did not want to go to school and I was late in the normal years of schooling. Eventually I got in. I remembered Ma'am Nini and Ma'am Sabellano in my Grade I year. 

And the revolution came out. I had the slightest idea of what was happening back then. Honasan, Ramos and Enrile were broadcasted over DZRH and how they made history on that fateful days of February. I remembered songs like " Magkaisa" and  "Handog Ng Pilipino Sa Mundo" kept on playing on the radio while the spirit of freedom lingers all over the country. 

And after 27 years what have come after the revolution is nothing but a country so desperate to get out of the third world arena while younger generation does not know or does not have the slightest hint why they do not have schooling today. 

Revolution forgotten. Remembered yet forgotten.


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