Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ina, Kapatid, Anak and Me

My name is Carlo. Nevermind my surname. I am one of those person just like you and me has work and continue to work to make both ends meet. Living in the third world country like the Philippines our beloved country makes us sick if not insane. You can see in everyday news the dirty politics, the political dynasties that even China will be ashamed of. What a life in this country! However how bad the situation is, we still here and still waiting and hoping for some changes.

And my friend in high school once asked me "pare bakit andiyan ka pa rin sa kompanya ninyo eh ang laki ng mundo? the greener pasture is right at the exit of your company..believe me..". And yes he is right. He was once a bored employee just like me and then creatively got out of the company and flew abroad in Singapore. And look at him now. Two cars, nice house, a family. Sustainable career. And look at me. I often wonder at myself why  I am still here. I often tried to answer such question. Or maybe I am not ready to leave my comfort zone. A zone of battle of the insane in which I belong now.

And for several seconds her cellphone is ringing. She should answer it. Janice should answer my call. She is calling me two weeks ago but it was only yesterday that I have known since I am not using my other cellphone that much. For emergency purposes only. And on the nth ring she answered it with her not so alive voice. She is in pain once again. A pain with not to do with more of physical pain but pain of her spirit. She was shuttered once again. "Pards musta na" as we often called ourselves as "pards". " Ok naman ako dito, napatawag ka pala nung sang linggo di ko naman nasasagot", as I tried to reach for her weary soul. I know for sure that from voice alone that someone is having a not so good condition at the very moment. I know that she is suffering. And she is in a distant so far that only our cellphone is the link to each other. She is in Mindanao. Fate had brought her to the promise land of Davao City and on the first few years of stay there she was A-OK. Even with her husband. I even manage to visit there a couple of years ago. And she was so fine. Living a dream-like scenario though that time she was still recovering from her husband's  brutal and shaky relationship. And she ended the years of agony and sorrow from supposedly the foundation of her family. Her husband is the epitome of the worst nightmare of every wife can be. And thank God she was over it.

And now another storm is passing Davao City and together with that another trials in Janice's life is unfolding. Her business which was partially given to her by her brother was in a very bad condition that she was kicked-out literally and with no husband to rely on ( well she said "mas mabuti pa ngang wala siya at pabigat lang lalo siya sa buhay namin) and no business to sustain their everyday needs she asked for our help. And we tried. We tried to send her financial assistance though we believe it is never enough. And her mother had said to her that they should come back to Batangas as soon as possible.

With assuring voice and advice I calm her down. She was totally depressed and she said some details of her miseries that she linger on for the past few months. Her trusted brother was some the reason of some sort of her situation now. " mas mabuti pa nga kayo at tinutulungan ninyo ako pero yung kuya ko siya pa yung nagdidiin sa akin sa mga nangyari sa business nila, hindi ko naman lahat yun kasalanan.." as she told me with shaky voice over the cellphone.

And now I have take a deep breath that life indeed is a mystery that those near to us personally are the ones who hurt us the most. Those family of her that supposedly protect and guard her are the one who makes her life more difficult. Thanks God she still have her mother and sister here in Batangas that she can go home with. And of course we are here as her friends waiting for her and willing to lend whatever assistance we could give.

Her story as the daughter, with her sibling and mother reminds me of other families that somehow misguided and battle each other just because of pride and money and others etcetera etcetera that on deeper thinking they should be the one that should first help one another.

Life indeed is not thicker by the blood but by interest.

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