Last Saturday I headed to Robinson's Place in Lipa City to renew my passport. It has been expired since April of this year. I need to renew it for some travel purposes. Maybe if plan will push through, we will go to Hongkong by August or else I will go somewhere else for work or leisure.

At around 6 AM I was at the line in Robinson and I was numbered 48th. And as the mall opened at 10 AM I hurriedly went back and at exactly 12;30 noon I have finished all the processes. Unfortunately it will took a month for the releasing since there are so many backlog on DFA's part.

And as usual I took the opportunity to taste some food Robinson can offer. At breakfast I had this Burger Steak special, a morning meal version of Jolly Champ.

Then I ate my late lunch at Giligan's. The store is hoping to open its Batangas City branch on July.

Indeed renewal has never been easy!


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