Eclectic Weekends

Picture this. Getting up at 6 AM with a text message from my aunt that Lenlen ( my cousin) will not able to make it to our trip to Manila supposedly this day. Got the message and handed it to my mother and she too cancelled the trip. I was relieved. And I went back to sleep.

Until lunch. I need to refresh my mind. My soul. Then I ate lunch. And slept again until 4 PM I guess. Went to SM. Watched Word War Z. Got my dinner at Starbucks with Italian Chicken wrap and it actually smelled and tasted good. With latte of course.

Yesterday I was in Robinson's Lipa. I had met Sharlene. She gave me the Blackberry. I gave her the bag full of something ( undisclosed) which will be sent to Hongkong. I never imagined such Saturday. And I ate a late lunch at Adobo Connection.

By the way how about the Blackberry? Well I cannot really operate it with ease. I had to consult  the internet on some things which are so hard to understand. I guess that's why BB does not have that appeal compared to Samsung and Apple. It was not so user-friendly. I had bought it unexpectedly from a friend in Hongkong.

Sometimes things happened for no reason at all. We can never tell where we are at the next moment. One thing is for sure; things will happen as it is. And we can only get over it. Whatever it is.

Eclectic weekends indeed!


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