A Reflection On The Manuscript

I am not through reading the latest book of Coelho. And this last paragraph catch my attention. I bookmarked it. And suddenly the author has  hits it again! There are some truths in our head but somehow we cannot say it or write so beautifully that all of a sudden Coelho will come up with such wordings we long to write. Amazing isn't it? Simply amazing!

How many times that we are about to unlock the door we oftentimes missed the right key so we have to try it all and the very last one got the correct key. Why not put a special marking on the key we are looking for? Why not separate the right key? Yes we have done it but somehow we ended up trying almost all of the keys and forget our effort to make it easier.

Same with our life. We always try to fit in. We always try to unlock the mystery on a first try but the reality is that we must be patient so that those mysteries unfold to us in its elegant form. Patience is a virtue.

Same with our dreams. Most of the time we almost try it all but to no luck. And when we are about to give up then something will happen and everything will fall into its proper place. And we regain our hopes. We are alive once again.

Thank you Mr Coelho for some timely reminder.

I will surely write for a follow-up article after a few days when I have read a few pages of the book.


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