Feeling Happier

Growing older has never been easier. But happier. Yes I admit I am happier now than ever. I think I can say I have grown much more mature than the previous years. 

I can tolerate people on their bad behaviors to a certain level by ignoring them. Since I am not affected so why bother to give them some of my precious time?

I have learned the value of patience little by little. I can tolerate the annoying time passing me by just like that. Everyday routines. Everyday you will see people who are so messed up and so negative that you don't want to see them at all.

I have learned to value time for myself. I should have more time to myself. Time to heal. Time to think about what's going on with my life for the past years. Reflecting on how I have come up with my so call beautiful life.

I have learned to forgive others and myself too. I have too. I have to do such inevitable to have a calmer mind. To have a piece of mind. 

And now I can wake up with such great smile on my face. Happier. Much more alive. And much more loved.


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