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And my blogger reader has failed me. Again. And again. Or is it me who has done wrong? Just changing? I am thinking lately why there are no updates on my blogger reader of the blogs I am following. And then I have checked one sample to know the truth. And to my surprise I am really surprised!

Some of the blogs I am following who are using blogspot just changed and migrated to wordpress! Anyways I have the best of both worlds! Actually most of the blogging platform worlds.

I have of course my basic blog here which is this one in blogspot. My niche blogs are mostly in wordpress; food and travel blogs and others are there. I have some blogs in Never forget tumblr, quora and others.

I am thinking some years ago to just update one blog but it failed me. I know I have all the time in the world ( still single!) so I just explore whatever platforms out  there. Well the two kings are just standing here and one click away; blogspot and wordpress. Then came along tumblr to gain supremacy until it was bought by Yahoo. Quora ( a question and answer site) has ride the bandwagon. And medium as well as the more secretive and exclusive has emerged as the future of online publishing.

Everything's changing nowadays. The speed of the transfer of data ( controlled by telcos)  has been changing dramatically over the years with corresponding price. The faster the higher the subscription.

I hope there will come a time that in the cellphone that we have we can browse any site with such great speed with lowest amount. The future has just not arrived yet. Sooner. Cheaper hopefully.

Looking on "changing" on a personal level, I have perceived last night that some changes are really for the better and life-saving or else it will shutter the rest of us. We had talked about the classic example which haunt us for the past three years or more. We had exchanged opinions and we had concluded that what has happened are indeed for the best of us. Some things has to go. Some good memories has to be erased to forget the pain. Some relationships has to be ruined to forge a new one.

I really enjoy our coffee break last night. With truest friends I have known lately.


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