Young Fashionista?(or just exploited by social media? and parents too?)

 And I turned my Facebook account into news bookmarking tools similar to the defunct I have also a  new bookmarking site called and it is a refreshing experience to just collect the articles from across the internet and read it for future reference.

Then I came along this article about this boy who has been a celebrity in Instagram because of his very cool outfit. I've got curious since he was so young to dress and act like those adults model. And I read the links ( I have found out that the parents really set their beautiful kid to do such acts to prepare him to be a "young CEO" and at the same time attain celebrity status and somehow make money out of it maybe. I really don't know but the line between just showing out to the world how elegant their kid is and profiting from the exposure is somehow been blurred.

If I have such a kid, will I do the same given the technology of today? I don't really know. But most probably  a Yes!

(photo credits: Time Magazine)


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