Sunday, June 30, 2013


Picture this: I was riding in a jeepney and some minority children ( Badjao or Mangyan tribes) were getting on the vehicle and begging for money from the passengers.

Then another one: I was strolling around SM City Batangas and some bunch of black people were roaming around too.

And this one: I was drinking and eating at Starbucks in SM - Batangas also yesterday. Then two tables from me was this expatriate - an American or British maybe. Minutes later two sexy teens approached him and they talked. The foreigner was not too loud but not too soft that somehow his voice resonated around the shop. I got curious and I saw them while reading the Inquirer. And accidentally I have seen the expat in his 40's handed down some money to the sexy teen. I really did not judge but somehow I got the idea that this famous coffee joint became the meeting point for those who want to have quick sex in this part of the city. Some Koreans too on some weekends had these scenario.

Progress has its own price. With purchasing power poured in by investors fuel the people to buy and enjoy city living at its best. Business opportunities thrive and even the oldest profession of flesh trade is no exception to the booming trading.

Signs of progress must not overwhelmingly throw us to forget our values. Despite the development we must resist the temptation and stick to the good values as our foundation of a happier life. And in the end though we cannot go against the city's progress we must not eliminate our instinct to do good while almost all around us are doing otherwise.

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