The Gifts ( to myself)

I always made it a point that once in awhile I offer some gifts to myself. Gifts of something that I really need. Things that will surely not only make me happy but useful too in my endeavor.

I have bought two bottles of perfume. Miyake and Burberry. Though I have still my Bulgari and Ferragamo and Perry Ellis I never had that Miyake and Burberry ever. So I have come to my favorite fragrance seller in SM and bought the scents yesterday. I love the flesh smelling of Miyake that lasts for so long. I like the burst of aromatic fragrance of Burberry that explodes into air whenever I spray it.

Sometimes I have to pamper and take care of myself too. Sometimes I have to pay a little extra peso just to make myself smile.

For the polo I have checked on my cabinet and all of our decent clothes are old ( as in a decade ago). So I bought these two and maybe I should buy two more for some special occasions and engagements. Be ready always for some instances that might come along my way this year.

Be prepare to meet the chance anytime!


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