Rome wasn't built in a day. So as the French Revolution. There is no short-cut to success. You will have to do it the hard way. The classic way! I have seen some managers from my former employer in the construction industry and I think they are one of the best managers I have been with in my entire work experience. They can decide with such ease and elegance some sensitive and threatening situations. I admired them for that.

I want to give credit to DSJ, my former boss and he introduced me to the classic adage that "the boss is always right..because he is the boss..". I liked his management style as well as his people-handling skills though at first it was so irritating but eventually I have got his points.

And now I am on a crossroads. I have to make some decisions. Some life-changing decisions that will make a very important impact on my present and future condition. Yes I am taking one step closer to what I want now. And the universe is somehow conspiring to achieve it.


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