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Fight Or Flight?

Weeks ago I have seen my MBA classmate Rosemarie in UB and she is taking up Law now. A couple of months ago I have recalled that she is convincing me to get into Law school too. I have said if I recall it that I need to have some rest now when it comes to studying once again. I have finished a graduate degree and I guess I have to stop for now. Maybe next year I will think about it.

And now I am thinking about it. I am thinking of protecting myself. Part of maturity? I hope so. I want to protect and guard myself from other forces. Some destructive forces which sometimes the inclusion of myself is not an exception. Some people and circumstances whether we like or not tends to do harm us and a fight or confrontation is on the horizon. Though it is very unethical to act like that most of the people I have seen and dealt with in the near past has that kind of scenario. They do it deliberately and mostly take advantage of our weaknesses and kindness. But it is now over. Fight or flight, either way changes has to be made. 

Fight mode. It is either be passive fighting or active fighting. I prefer both. In this game and battle of personal and vested interest I have to do it simultaneously. Fight directly where it hurts the most. Or fight slowly until the goals are realized. 

I never make myself on the fighting mode ever since. I am not like them. But it has leave me no choice. As long as I am here I will be fighting. 

Or maybe I can choose the flight mode simultaneously. If only I can go now I will do it. No question asked. 

On the other hand I have carefully studied some pros and cons. By the way, whom I fighting for exactly?

Those individuals so arrogant enough I could choke in front of them. Those people in here which literally stole my ideas and talents so gracefully I could drown them without helping. Anyways time will come it will happen. Or karma comes in. 

I have tried to go a flight mode. Actually I am trying right now. Trying to get rid of myself in here. If I cannot directly hit them well I will do justice to just eliminate myself from the scene. End of the story. 

By the way I have bought a book about evil to really know about them. 


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