Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Are they lucky? I do not know. Am I lucky? As long as I live harmoniously with myself and making my everything else outside of my system as they are, then I am lucky enough to call it a good day. A good life.

What makes you think somebody else is luckier? Promotion but their family is on the verge of breaking?
Career moving but no kids to feed because God does not want children to interfere their success-driven life? Success in showing to others some good stuff that they actually do but some are from others but not happy at home? They just sugar-coat the smiles, the very happiness they are trying to sell. Is that lucky?

People are luckier when they have step up further to a job satisfying years but actually lose the friendships that actually a part of their charade? Is that adorable to see someone so happy but kills (not literally) others in order to get what they want?

Lucky are those who has a dollar earning life abroad and exchange and choose their mistress to the very happy family back at home just for that tricky sex moments as if they can live with it and leave the real family here. Quite the reality for the good person I know before.

Lucky are those who use everything to actually sell themselves even their soul just to get that twisted happiness they want?

Lucky are those who had gone abroad and still so blind to the reality that they want to implicate innocent lives just to cover up some lies?

I am lucky enough to write what I want. I am lucky enough to eat and sleep without affecting others negatively. I am lucky enough to control myself of all the distractions of everyday life.

I am lucky enough to strike out even in this writing.

And proud to say I am lucky enough to buy what I want unlike those managers I know who would steal from the company to sustain their lavish lifestyle.

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