Yesterday And We Almost Finished The Counting

I may not be in good health now. I should take that paracetamol. Our inventory counting is almost finished. It is my 8th year of counting these spare parts to ensure the inventory accuracy. And now to determine also the obsolescence of a given material. It is my 8th year of that periodic counting! Wow! Eight years of hell of a ride! We've been through thick and thin in material management and we have managed to survive. We have survive those audits, those manager, those other issues that mainly concerned the improvement of the flow of materials for the sole purpose of the smooth operation of the power plant.

And I think we have succeeded! And if ever I will be transferred to other organization I can say we have made those changes and we are proud of it! I also learned a lot from that experience of managing material and inventory parts of the plant. I have learned to make meaningful reports, to make those data mining and to make a very good judgment whenever needed. I have learned the importance of those assets and its intrinsic and extrinsic importance to the plant's operation itself. The power plant may not continuously run it is full capacity if there are no spare parts. I have learned the value of supply chain. I have learned the value of systems of purchasing. I have learned a lot!


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