Thursday, September 12, 2013


Exactly twelve years ago America has been attacked by terrorists. The 9/11 as we know it is being remembered now in the US. As I browsed through my facebook newsfeeds almost all are about the tragedy. Some are posting photos from the tragedy to remember the evil doings of some people to other people by orchestrating and actually doing the unthinkable; of attacking the US soil and its key landmarks. We will always remember. The photo above is from facebook in which the Ground Zero has been a landmark now to remember that fateful event. And the photo below is from Time magazine in which a photographer is trying to know the whereabouts of whoever in the picture below. So far he has known only two of them.

And since a picture tells a thousand words in the last photo below the daughter of Napoles has been with the man no other than himself our President. A social gathering and that picture is really subject to various interpretation and nobody knows really what has happened on that night or why they have to be in the photo in the first place. Maybe the president is really connected to the scam. Maybe. No one can tell. But still the photo is subject to scrutiny and bias. Such evidence is very admissible in the court of public opinion.

So be careful now with whom you will be when the camera flash its light. It can boomerang to you a thousand fold in the future!

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