Monday, September 23, 2013

Sold: Everything Is For Sale

Yes everything you can think of and anything you can imagine is for sale. With a price tag. Even your principles! Your ideologies. May it be for financial gain or for some interest to be protected, everything we can have is for sale. Everything is up for the highest bidder.

Last week an incident occur to my consciousness though I am not much interested at first but when I have
talked to some people involved in the case, I am somehow moved by their testimonials. I got curious on how one man has been the root cause of it all. The "root-cause" is somehow a notorious man in our watch list since he has this attitude of being the jack of all trade in order get things done. He uses his skills of negotiation as well as connections to iron out something. He even influenced some people to favor for him to get those things he needed most. He is so notorious we called them "Ochoa".

And for his latest "victims" are those innocent and not-so-informed group of people who are just working for the sake of survival because of the underpaid situation that they have. And so they elevated their issues and concern to the right authority. And this Ochoa threatened them. That's the area in which he is so good at. At its finest! In threatening those people whom he is supposed to support! Ironic but he was paid to do it. He was paid by his bad conscience to do it to continuously amass some amount of money, some amount of power and not afraid of losing dignity upon doing it. A trash!

So  much for him as he became the limelight and he does not deserve it. What else are for sale? Yes, even the mandated work/positin is for sale if you are being paid to make side for your opponent. Imagine at first that you are so eager to win the case. Imagine that you have gathered enough evidence to convict or to swing the vote in favor of the masses. Then all of a sudden you have disappeared.  And you take your vacation. And the suspicions grow. The days became weeks, months and eventually you cannot be reached by all means. Are you hiding? No. You are sold! You are bought already! Shame on you!

I hope I could be a lawyer and defend them. I hope I could be a Saguisag or Salonga who fought Marcos in the 80's and 70's. Still the spirit of a Marcos is upon some people!

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