I Need Some Retreat

This morning I have talked to one of my friend Christian, an HR officer. I have aired some of my concerns
and issues that seems to baffle me for quite some time now. I have let some opportunities to let me pass by. And I could have done something but in the end I choose not to. I choose not to because I guess it is the right thing to do.

And I need some days off. I am planning of a retreat to Tagaytay maybe beginning tomorrow. Or maybe this weekends. I have talked to one of my colleague here too and we have discussed some "decisions issue" and it is good to know that there are someone whom I can rely in this kind of times.

These past few weeks and months got me into something in which some major decisions have to be decided to improve my current situation. However in the end I think I have chosen what is really best for me.

Just wait for that right time. Patience is a virtue. And for now I just want to share some articles I have seen on Medium.com

Making big decisions

its not about choosing the defaults

Each of us typically make one or two big decisions about our lives every so often. For

example, which career to choose? whether to buy a house or not? finding a life partner, or deciding where to take a big vacation. The implications of each of these choices is varied, but one thing is common — the defaults are well laid out for you.
Defaults are what you are supposed to choose. Thats what normal or good people do. It is what society expects you to do, and will shower you with positive energy when you ‘stick to what is right’.
Fred Wilson wrote a thoughtful article about Foursquare and their deliberations to decide the future of their business.
don’t let conventional wisdom force you into making decisions you don’t need to make and you aren’t ready to make, particularly about very big decisions that you will be living with the rest of your life
I find these words extremely valuable in times of ambiguity and lack of a clear way forward.
You are told that the default choice works, despite being either unprepared or in gross disagreement with it. Some times we do it for loved ones, and at other times we refrain from rocking the cradle.
Its not about spending more time with big decisions, but about spending enough to iterate and not be afraid of making an unconventional choice.
Recently, I made the choice of moving back to India after having stayed in America for a little over a decade. Many friends, colleagues, relatives, and general observers were quite baffled by my decision. I made the choice within the context of what is important to me, and that is what matters most.

Do what you think is right for you.


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