"I Want To Fire Him"

I do not want to start my day as bad as it is. Yesterday I had this encounter with the devil. The ineffective devil. The wrong man being there. And act so naive to his mistakes. Everyone shouted at him. Disrespect him. Until I got my chance yesterday.

A non-sense task and eventually it ended that I was the one who gave him advice to do much better for the section. Imagine that! Nakakatawa na lang..nakakatawa and ironically I have no choice but to accept that some people are so naive. And should be fired!

And as I have heard someone has aired his concern to fire him. I hope it could push through. I hope.


  1. i heard that. i think it's the boss who wants to fire him na nga. if only he would try to work harder. that's the problem of getting the promotion so easy. hindi pinaghirapan.

  2. and he is not naive. kulang sya sa sincere effort to do his job. probably he thinks gobyerno pa rin ang kapaligiran.

  3. bottomline kasi ang gusto lang naman ng lahat eh good results, deliverable on time..good working attitude..and he does not only lack any of them, he will never have any of that because of such embedded system niya na kakaiba..so weird and yet so ruining ( the right term siguro)..yun ang problema..


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