Weekends Of Pure Bliss

I seldom buy a full-length album until this one..the new alternative band which is making headlines in music industry with their very catchy yet raw sounding music genre made me decide to get almost a 500-peso bill and really bought the album..my favorite tracks include "radioactive", "demons" and "it's time"..worth the money indeed!

No doubt Gerald Anderson has been gone a long way and look at him now..he acted his natural way in OTJ - an Erik Matti film, much like an indie film about a mentor-protege relationship in the illegal hired-killers business in the Philippines supported allegedly by those in power like the military and police..and timely the film has been featured in August issue of Esquire Philippines..

Lomi lunch at a famous Batangas Lomi House - MegaFood in Alangilan with my nephew Andrei before we went to Lipa last Sunday..

When you are in Lipa never forget to taste those street foods which are almost 24/7 available at every corner of the city..siomai, siopao and others make it so hard to resist with less price compared to the food in a restaurant..

It was years of absence since I bought books on book-sale..no more branch in Batangas City..thanks God there is still in Lipa City..

Oh by the way it was a sale on SM Lipa that Sunday..got some new perfume from this one..for every day use..

And of course since I had Andrei with me..food trip is non-negotiable hahahaha!!

Which lastly ending up in Army Navy..the food was good..the service was not either the place..not really worth my money hehehe!


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