Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Badly Written? I Will Correct It

This is not about the movie itself. This is my reaction upon watching it and applying it on my own. Thanks to Director Joey Reyes for this masterpiece that I have questioned also myself my current status of mind. My current job satisfaction. My life satisfaction as a whole.

Unfair. Very unfair but we accepted it. Some illogical person. Some unfit persons occupying some positions. God knows who are they. God knows they do not deserved to be there. And they are very ineffective. And the whole people here laughed at them hahahaha! A circus of idiots!

I hope I could get out of here. And laugh about my experiences in here. I hope in other place I will not encounter some people na sobrang arte muka na ngang bading..so very conscious with his skin that he is like a girl wearing that fun-looking unbrella just to hide his skin. Ano ba siya bakla nga? eh ang balita ko he has a mistress in here..wow! astig mo pre hahaha!!

I want to change my environment. I hope it could be sooner! God help me!


  1. of course! why stop when they can do it freely because the whole world knows it! parehong pareho silang magbestfriend turned worst enemy! anyways I actually admired them sa kagalingan nila! sa kagalingan nilang pakapalin ang pagmumuka nila! maybe they have been brought up by their parents as such..mapagkunwari..magnanakaw..ayaw malalamangan..lagi sila ang bida!

  2. let's just hope that eventually people will choose to make their life less complicated and "tangle free". :)

  3. I dont think it will happen to them in just a snap..a life-changing event will do but for now let them enjoy the show hahaha!!! nakakatuwa nga at may napag uusapan since I know for sure naman pinag uusapan din nila kami or the others..bawi lang..life as it is..balance din naman nga..


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