Saturday, September 21, 2013

Long Reading, Long Writing, Full Conversation

Oh I forgot it is a windy day. The storm Odette is wrecking literally the northern part of the Philippines. Hoping that we are safe always. God bless us! God bless the Philippines! I do not know if the coastal clean-up has pushed through. As of now I am listening to the new album of Linkin Park. I have missed them.

After almost two hours of sleep maybe around 9 this morning I have woke up with much livelier self. I guess I really need more rest. More relaxing moments. Stressful at work? Not really. As a matter of fact it is all in my mind maybe. But I will try to forget it. But what I do not want to forget is what happened yesterday. A day of pure incident? coincidences? I don't know.

On the sidelights my mind or our minds were somehow tricked again by the two individuals who took every chance to do their things. Well for the benefit of the doubt, we really doubt even up to now. Maybe we should put them as friends on social media? Nice idea but definitely it will not work out.

Okay so much for the time with them. The real score happened at around 3 pm yesterday. The little rain kept me from creeping and hiding from my place. But when the sun beamed its rays for a quite some time I got myself rushed to the building. Then my new mentor came up. We had a few talks. And it centered on coastal clean up. We had our very first long conversation. And we deepened it by exchanging ideas about paradigm, about framework. We promised each other we will talked much in-depth as we will embark in a new project. Wow! I hope it could come true. For the sake of it!

I do believe now that somethings happened or not meant to happen because something much bigger or much better will happen. And it happened before my eyes yesterday. I was so happy to have such conversation with people who talked no non-sense. I know he is much learned than me. But maybe I could offer some of my ideas. A start-up maybe of a good intellectual relationship. Or something for the time being. I hope so.

And last night as usual I had my coffee at Starbucks but at that time it was for free since I have accumulated twelve stars to complete a free coffee. Good for me. I have read some magazines, some articles on the newspaper. I have seen those familiar people I have been to in the coffee shop. A regular. A group of people who talked much of just nothing but pure simple conversation. I have heard them since their voice was much louder or maybe the space in the shop was such as small as they really needed a renovation maybe this year or next year. I heard Blas mentioned me about the renovation of Starbucks. So if that time comes where should I go for a coffee? I guess I'd better buy those 3 in one coffee hahahah so that when the addiction strikes I can have a handy solution.

This past few weeks some admin people were so busy because of recruitment of new employees. By the way some friends and acquaintances of mine submitted applications and I hope they could get in. It's really a good thing that somehow I have helped them get their job because I am so grateful too to some people who helped me in my journey as a working man. I cannot say but thank you very much! I will never forget all of you and in return I will do my best to help others the way you have helped me to step a ladder further and nearer to my dreams! You know who you are and honestly I cannot repay you somehow and God for sure will bless you in other ways.

And as of now Saturday I am listening to the three CD's I have bought but actually it is six since every album has two CD's. I have bought Alice In Chains, Miles Davies, and Linkin Park. There is no substitute to the real thing as compared to listening to youtube or soundcloud!

Till the next big story!

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