Wednesday, September 4, 2013

About Last Week

I have not only attended a seminar last week..I attended a session with my close friends who are in Manila..first night with Dolf at the Boni High strolling around the long stretch of the Global City in the midnight..don't care about tomorrow anyways hahaha!! He has just lost a promotion he rightly deserved! Just because he was fooled by his immediate superior but in the end leave him hanging in the air without any support..just like the many of us here..Unbelievable! Life is so fucking unfair! But still we manage to get will pass anyways..The second night with Myles at the Megamall..her life as a professor at an international school..she is so contented though stressful at most times..she is convincing me teach too..think about that..later..

Downsides? lots of weight gains..but lots of catching up with some real friends!

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