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In my several years of staying in this power plant I have observed some pattern. I have observed some truth about people. About behavior. Measurable. Everything is to be measured. The system in the process in the power plant itself must be measured. Thanks God for the instruments that indicate its frequency or whatever data that it wants to indicate. And it takes a good reader ( technician) to interpret those data and find the right action for every numbers that the gauge is giving them.

But in case of people there is human to interpret it. Be it for the rules or against the rules they are the one being followed. They made decisions based on their perceptions. Even the perceptions are so blurred. So irrational they have choose that decisions. And we all laughed about it!!

In this organization where everything is recorded and being transmitted in the speed of light no one is exceptional. You will be scrutinize even your way of dressing and walking. They have all the eyes and ears for that. Good for them. They even have the luxury of time for that. I envy them really. But hell no I will never be the same as they are.

And speaking of perception I really do not care now if everyone is up to something. You act or you do not act it is still the same. They will drag you anyway. So I rather not act. Just do nothing. Or do something to make it even. In my own way.

I hope someday they will all be gone. Or please God grant me the wish to get out of here. Now!


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