Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Some people are belonging to the stereotype no matter how they change and get out of the cage. Some people just live all their life to doubt. To destroy others. And they die out of misery.

For once get them out of your life. They will suck the remaining positives in your own life. They will try to get you on their way. They are very contagious. Irrational. Very irrational.

I was once fooled by them. But now I have learned. A lot. I have learned to distinguish who's who and who's not. Who are the ones playing around. Fooling around. And I can maneuver them now. Just stretch them to their sanity. Make them feel blessed. Make them feel they are winning. But do not let them do the evils they have done before.

I will never understand why some people are so inclined to believe that quick without any solid proofs. I will never understand why they hate so much the people that they considered once as their friend. Or they are just so bias that even the honest changes of a person will be doubted.

Well I guess I have to doubt them too. I have the right not to trust them anymore. All will be just for the "playing" since they treat us as games. Let the play begins!

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