Just Like The Pouring Rain

Beginning this Friday the typhoon Odette has never stopped raining. The rain is pouring like a dam is being break in heaven and all its fury and rage has been pour into earth. Some of my schedules are cancelled. And some of the unexpected things has happened. For a reason, for a very good reason. Thanks God for that.

Nothing can stopped me to stop by at Wanam and eat that lomi. No amount of rain and wind can block me from getting that delicious noodles which can be more delicious in this time of rain. The cold weather adds to the ambiance in which I have tastefully eat that dish. Guess what the secret of Wanam in their pansit and other noodle menu? Yes! that unique taste that somehow keep us coming back to the one of the oldest food establishment in Batangas City; San Wanam Restaurant. My grandfather Lolo Severino used to eat in that food chain. Imagine that! In the 1960's the food place legend has been around and have made some trademark and noise that even our generation today appreciate. And it will continue for the longest time.

By the way at around 8 pm when I was in the National Bookstore, a familiar text sender called me but I was so busy looking for my next book to buy. So I called him back. He had this special announcement. I thought it was his flight but thanks him it was for me, for us. And we had went this morning to the venue he had suggested. And the rest for us is history for me. To be continued in other post. Upcoming post maybe next week or next month.

Until the rain subside I will forever be grateful to those wonderful little things some friends of mine has done to me and to the rest of us. I maybe depressed for some obvious reason last week but now I am recovering and it is really God at works within my system. He has this rightest timing of all!

I trust in HIM!


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