Losers And Gainers

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This is not about innocence. I have remembered that movie ( in which I have forgot the title) that the first victim of war is innocence. Is true? I do not know. This is not about the Philippine Stock Exchange in which some of my neophyte office-mates gamble it all because of their risky attitude and lose some of the money from the fluctuating market. I thought they are all intelligent. I guess I am wrong. This is all about going abroad. Not about going there as tourist but as a worker. Not necessarily an expatriate status. Just a plain worker.

First gainer. The economy. The Philippines may not rise as one of the fastest growing economy in Asia if not for the remittances of our OFW's. We will never have such dollar reserve if no Filipinos are abroad to have their talents being used by others for such a dollar fee. Think of any professional and for sure there is someone out there somewhere in the Middle East, in down under in Australia or in The cold countries of the northern hemisphere who are working and they are Filipino proud to say. We are so adaptive and can withstand any heat of the sunny Saudi Arabia and can stay longer in the thick snow of Russia just to bring money for the dear family in the Philippines. Never forget also our countrymen in Europe especially in Italy that will do everything just to have meaningful source of income for their loved ones here in the Philippines. And their money paid off. Some of our real estate industry are being ushered into its new heights by a sudden surge in the sales of condominiums mostly from our OFW's. They have invested their hard-earned money to have a decent home and some investment in the form of condominium or townhomes so that when they retired they will have a steady source of income
First loser. Dysfunctional Family. Usually the family of an OFW is a happy one. Usually the financial gain will make their life easier. Much easier. But the absence of any parent will definitely have a significant bad effects on their children. Remember "Anak" movie in which Claudine got so angry with her mother Vilma Santos in the movie? Remember those children in your neighborhood in which got into drugs and other trouble because no one is there to guide them because either their mother or father is an OFW? A reality. A reality that becomes the new norms of the society. And the worst is that someone from the husband or wife will have its other partner outside of marriage that will eventually break everything all!

Second gainer. The experience. Working here in the Philippines will teach you the working culture of us Filipino. Working abroad will teach you the multiple and variety of diverse culture that you can imagine. You can learn from the Indian, from the Middle Eastern and even from other Filipino whom you work with in other parts of the globe. You will definitely raise your standard since you are working in a different environment. And it will make you a better if not the best person as you wanted to be.

Second loser. Losing of Filipino talents here. Imagine a hospital five years ago that almost all of the nurses are old. Imagine the construction site where almost all of the civil engineers are fresh graduate. Imagine that in other areas of expertise or industries. And you will get the real scenario. Brain drain as we call it. Most of the talents and skilled workers here are flying abroad to exchange their ability to that much higher dollar salary as compared to a minimum wage here if employment is possible luckily. Most of our graduates fly to Middle East and other Asian countries. And they become millionaire and expert there.

The list of losers and gainers in working abroad may take us up to ten or even more. But for now those are the major gains and loses.

It is up to me when I will become the gainer. Hopefully sooner.


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