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A Minute Of Pure Shock


All I can do is to pray that time. Actually it has happened this afternoon when we were on our way to the city. We were so happy in the service vehicle especially kasama namin si Boonik..then when we were about 20 minutes before we reach the city proper..

Sa makalampas ng Malampaya sa isang malaking kurbada sa Ambulong may nabanggang motorsiklo..or maybe nadulas kasi wala namang kasunod or kasalubong..and the victim was lying on the side of the road. The tendency of our vehicle was to slow down..medyo dumadami na yung mga tao..nakahandusay yung nabangga with his blood all over his head at kumikilos pa yung ulo at parang buhay pa  but no one is daring to help or siguro minutes lang nangyari at natatakot din ang nasa paligid...I should have not seen it that long eh nasa right side kami ng sasakyan then si boonik eh napamulaga na din kaya napatingin na din ako and for almost a minute we were in shock..yung iba kong kasama sadyang hindi na rico at ako at si boonik lang siguro ang nakasaksi that terrifying scene..I pay for that man which we presumed dead now given that gruesome impact kanina..

Iba pala when you are confronted which such traumatizing experience..naalala ko tuloy yung sa youngblood dati entitled "Sayang" when Hazel Reside eh nanghinayang at wala siya sa scene nung nakahandusay yung fraternity victim sa UP back then..maybe she could help sabi niya..but if you are in such very "live" moments all you can do is probably "nothing"..nakakashock! nakakatakot! nakakalungkot..


  1. aww. i can imagine. kahapon din daw sa STAR eh, ford fierra driver and truck. the fierra driver i think was dead also.

  2. di ako masyadong nakatulog kagabi eh parang naaalala ko pa yung scenes..kaya yan antok pa pero kailangang pumasok hehehe..sabagay its TGIF hhahaha!


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