Thursday, August 15, 2013

One Of The Reasons

I studied them. I observed them. I observed myself. And I have found out some reasons. Some reason why people leave their work. Their precious jobs.

- growth is nowhere to be found - career is just like GNP or should be on a upward movement..not on a downfall..

- people are getting messier - fucking people oh by the way they are tolerable..the only one not tolerable is allowing ourselves to be with them almost everyday..forgive me please..

- better opportunity - well financial stability is very important. No further explanation.

- change of environment - getting such burnt out of having the last decade in one windows getting the very same view ten years ago? well go out and explore the world..

- of course everyone leaves for no reason at all..or we just can't understand their own reasoning on leaving the very comfort zone they have enjoyed with us..or maybe we are not their comfort zone..a possibility..

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