Really? For The Public Service?

The next nearby local election is just around the corner. Barely three months left and we are obliged to troop back to precinct to cast our votes. And to choose those Barangay officials.

And the battle is getting dirtier as usual. Everywhere. Not just in here. In almost every place in our country the contest for that race to public service is on fire!

Some families are broken down literally because of the vested interest in politics. Some wants to stay in power even if they know that people are just so annoyed of their presence. They have done a lot but they just cannot accept the fact that someone will replace and enjoy the power as well as the privileges that go with it.

Some defy certain regulation just to stay in power. Some swallow what they have said before as if they have forgotten it already.

Some draw blood and literally knows no blood that even their own family will be sacrificed just to be in the pinnacle where they can enjoy such aphrodisiac known as power and influence. And of course those financial rewards.

So please vote for the better alternative  or else we might harness leaders to suck out the resources that we have today.


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