Saturday, August 24, 2013

Back To Jogging

That feeling of acceleration..of being lightweight..and running..
Last night I have told my nephews that we will be jogging this morning. And so Bambe called me at around 5 am to confirm if the routine will go through. And we go. At around 6 we were at the SM parking area and started to jog and walk and run..the usual.

Sometimes it was hard to start all over again after months or year without jogging..though my joints were not aching I can feel some uneasiness within my system. But eventually it went on that rhythmic cycle and I was back on track again.

For the biggest loser challenge? partly but mainly for my own health regardless of with contest or not.

Happy jogging everyone! and I posted it on my daily mile account!


  1. and it really pays bp reading is on going to normal na after 5 years na mataas..


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