So far so good. All the list has been put in the folder and envelopes. I can check my progress. I can see who's who and who's not. And I am making progress really.

Check online status. Check.

And I called some friends. I consulted some family members. Mostly have said to balance everything. And I said I will check it very carefully. And then I called some people. Some friends.

First was Myra. She agreed. She was excited.

Then a colleague. He was so understandable. He was so broad-minded. I liked his ability to discern things and weigh in situations. I took his words in details.

Then a high school classmate. He introduced me to the culture there. He was a runner there every now and then. I like his straight-forward answers.

And then I called a few hours ago my classmate who happened to be a manager which is connected to the other side of the equation. And my mind was enlightened. He was so good in bringing out the best in us. I take that as a solid basis for whatever decisions I might take when the time comes.

Thanks again for those answers. I really appreciate that.


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