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Ahhhhhhhh! Damn It!

Wow! It is a holiday on August 9th..masaya na sana kasi supposedly seminar ko on 6-8 of August but I guess it will be cancelled. Why?

Simply because of the wrong person doing the wrong job and he doesn't care at all! Imagine I have gave him the seminar details around the the third week of last month. And only last Monday that he had sent it to our head office. Wow! how about that?

Adding to the worse situation is the fact that his/our superior is out for a week and he is out for two days supposedly but for no apparent reason he is not reporting in the office..AWOL? I don't know..

And as I have heard earlier the paper will be returned to him because of so many mistakes! Wow! how about that? What can you call such acts? Please answer me..please with very APPROPRIATE ADJECTIVES!!!

Anyways I can still choose from the remaining schedules but the issue is that because of some "mistakes" and wrong attitude we are about that?

Anyways please God I need that break..I need that call..and I will answer it with no hesitations..oh on some lighter notes I have seen that richest list and it is almost as the same list as last year..for your info only..


  1. oh! your superior told me mine was just an easy job so he refused my turn over a couple of times. tsk tsk tsk. sorry about that.

  2. oh by the way, he is not the wrong person, he is the right person, in fact he is the most proper person to do my job (assuming we are thinking of the same person).

  3. well.. "DISASTERS" ARE ON HIS WAY PAGBALIK NIYA..ALL OF THEM WILL BOOMERANG TO HIM..let him bear all of his IRRESPONSIBILITY..YAH siya nga yun..kilalang kilala ko/namin.."pang-umagang pinoy"..

  4. hahahaha! i think its about time to make him realize that being pang umaga has huge responsibility. if you are receiving that big salary, it has its responsibility and accountability. i think people there are just so patient with him, that's why.

  5. uy good morning!! nice to see my gmail alerts na may comments ako sa aking this early morning hehehe..


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