Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ang Dami Kong Kilalang Napoles

Blame it all on Napoles. Napoles now is synonymous to corruption. Thanks to social media. Different internet memes are around from "SSS remittance, Napoles, Phillhealth..", imagine pati sa bayarin Napoles na ang tawag kasi yung tax natin sa kanila napupunta..there is also this photo of a crocodile ( symbol of corruption-being lifted by people out of the blood -kasi nahuli na daw si Napoles hahaha)..Nyeta kayong lahat!

But on the second thought Napoles does not exist only in government. Even in private organizations. Even just around. Want some names?

You know them already!


  1. oh really? sarap ng buhay nun kung ganun! Napoles!

  2. yah and upon analysis they all have this bisyo of their own and they have no choice but to magnakaw to sustain it..and no one catch them or decide not to because maybe they are involve too..


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