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On The Brighter Side

Definitely the process of losing weight has its own downside since I really have to deprive myself of the amount of delicious food to take. Take note of the word amount. I am not on a diet or something but on taking minimal calories as I want to be. I am still on eating such "prohibited" foods but on a very low quantity. And guess what? I am feeling better and better each day.

I thought the sun will not shine this morning. It is August month and I am expecting such heavy rains and storm but to my surprise the brightest object in the sky is radiating its heat that seems to invite me to go on a trip once again. But where? I have two in mind. Go east or go south though  north of me now. Sounds weird? It is not.

I checked on my two nephews this morning and they are so busy doing some chores. Arvin is sick of seems to be chickungunya which translated into "tuko" in Tagalog language. Though similar to dengue it is not dengue and yes it is caused by mosquito too. And on the brighter side he is on a recovery mode already.

Last night I have seen  Rosemarie and she was in UB. She continued the Law degree that she wanted. I have remembered before June that she is asking if I will go to Law School and I said a negative answer. She is so into exploration of her limits. Or maybe she is just doing nothing much that the only way to enjoy life is to pursue what she wanted even if it means sacrificing every night just to study again and again. She seemed to be happier now.

And now I am just listening to some of my CD's playing some RnB music. And at the same time doing this blog. And I guess I need to sleep again. Remember it is Saturday.

And that is the brighter side!


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