Friday, August 23, 2013


Just about last night..with my office-mates and friends from our service vehicle and we ate at Wanam Restaurant the one near SM-Batangas..Guisado pansit for the rest of us and lomi for Sonny ( maiba naman daw)..and lastly we had our siomai and squidball session at the Cafe Kampanaryo ( the small stall at the side of Trinity Church)..

Not so distant ago we were as happy as with other officemates in our service. However due to individual differences some went away and transferred to other vehicles. It was their choice. I do not care if they do such thing as long as I have done nothing wrong and mostly they were the one who have sinned more against me and the others. And eventually their leaving turned out to be for the best of us. We felt some relief upon knowing that those three who are not so good in attitude will finally go out. And those f*cking three had transferred to other vehicle together. Maybe they have this bond ( well they have common traits, which is the talk of the town even up to know because they have ruined not only their life but the family of others too). It was a very good sign that the evils like them will finally  be gone because every morning and every afternoon upon riding in the vehicle I felt as if I was transferred to hell. But ironically they are still here. Still enjoying their own good camaraderie despite the massive insult from gossips that are floating around. Well they said that it is only gossips hahhaha! Nyeta kayo nabuhay pa kayo!

Oh my God I should not remember those three bastards that I have sinned on myself by writing this. Anyways it has been written and what can I do but publish it. For your information.

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