Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Ate Arlyn

Last Ate is ten years older than me..And I am six years more than my first three decades. Do the math please hahaha!!

So how can I drop my weight? huh?


  1. Happy Birthday friend! More bags to come!!!

  2. helow po mam leah..musta na? hindi ga po kayo binaha diyan kasi sina ryan at jayson eh absent at baha daw sa kanila..ingats ingats sa ulan at baha..agosto na talaga..hoping mag september na para bawas ulan na hehehe...

  3. fortunately Marls. hindi naman. mas binaha pa sina sir patrick kasi more than half day sila na nasa SLEX. malamang nga binaha sina jayson kasi malapit sila sa southwoods and carmona river. si ryan is near Binan, there must be a spill over of the flood in Southwoods. but around us im sure was water. :) thank you for asking! ingats!


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