Monday, August 19, 2013

Can't Resist

Yesterday supposedly I will not go out to SM..but my mind and stomach was craving for those foods..given the fact that this Monday ( today) we will be having our second weigh-in  for the Biggest Loser Challenge, still I cannot resist the food..first stop was at the supermarket with those special goto, tokwat baboy and lumpia which was known as pares-pares..then after watching Ekstra ( oh still I am a Vilmanian hahaha!) I ate at the newly opened Rairaiken Ramen House and Sushi Bar in SM-Batangas..I've got with me a hot pot seafood ramen and california maki with red iced tea..and because of that I am not expecting a drop in my weight now..or most probably a gain in my weight unfortunately..just be ready for the elimination on the September weigh-in..

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