January 16 Is A Big Day!

To my friend and classmate, Pareng Joel congrats and best wishes!! hopefully I can have my ceremony too sooner! Sorry hindi ako nakaattend and did not have the chance to see you and some of my classmates in your most memorable moments in time! Ninong ako ha ng anak niyo!! hope to see you on December and to our grand 20th reunion on January 2015!

And thanks to Takle's photo on facebook - naalala ko ang kuya Ado with his all-time favorite kaldereta..Happy Batangas City Fiesta!!!

And this day thanks that my colleagues Ashraf and Abubakar ( both Pakistani) are in Siemens Training that I have some "minimal" work done this week and maybe for another one week hehehe!

And lastly Happy Happy Birthday Jonathan ( from Ilijan too) and thanks for a very wonderful dinner at Al-Danah mall!


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