Friday, January 10, 2014

Revisiting Some Sounds

It is so comforting to hear and see my loved ones via skype or kakao talk. However not all the times I can hear them due to some limitations. Time limitation and connectivity (and mostly I am at work). So in those times of just doing nothing in my apartment I turned on my laptop ( newly bought last week at Jarir Bookstore-imagine a bookstore is a computer store!), I looked on my youtube account and watched some episodes of "Undercover Boss" and The Late Show with David Lettermen and also listened to some favorite music of mine. And last night I have discovered again DZMM live streaming and for the first time I have listened once again to Dr Love in his late night radio show. Then afterwards a nostalgic lists of songs had been played until the morning.

My room-mate Jops is into TV Patrol and other Kapamilya shows whenever he is at home ( he is a Control Room operator-always in shifting shedule). So even at a far away place we are updated at what is happening to the Philippines. And these are the alternative to almost every time that a chant and prayers are echoed to the whole city because of the amplified speakers are in every corners. And so even if you are in your tightly closed room you can hear those heavenly chants. I am beginning to like it anyways.

Well just like now I am listening to Karen Davila in her radio show over DZMM via the internet.

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