Saturday, January 4, 2014


And my adventures continues! Here in Saudi the weekends are from Friday and Saturday. So yesterday as usual we went to Khobar ( a 15-minute taxi ride). And we ate at New Cabalen Restaurant where we watched TFC and it was at that time Kris TV doing her visit to Divisoria. We ordered tinolang manok and bangus. Higop lang ng higop ng sabaw pampatanggal homesick hahahaha! It was truly a magical experience to Khobar since at every corner you will hear and see a Filipino unlike here in Dammam where most of the people here are Indians and Pakistanis. And a stroke of luck once again. My elementary friend and classmate Gery saw us in the Raminayah Mall and invited us for dinner but we were done that time so we just sit for a cup of coffee! Kwentuhan na naman! He is here in Saudi for four years and he never comes back to the Philippines especially in Ilijan. Maybe next year he will. He is currently working in a hospital here in Dammam. We parted ways and my mind was relieved and somehow ignored the fact that we were in the desert and so very far from home. Thanks to our friends and kababayans here!

Then before we went home we bought some fish at the Kabayan Fish Market. I missed those palata and buglawan na luto ng inay at nanay!

And so tomorrow ( Sunday) is another start of a brand new week. And maybe next month another batch of friends from Ilijan will arrive here!

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