Thursday, January 9, 2014

So Far (yet) So Near

The wonders of technology..via facebook..via skype..via facetime..via kakao talk.via email..via my blogs..I can connect, reconnect, get news, have some meaningful conversations with my loved ones anywhere in the world even if I am here in the Middle East! Thank you technology! thank you very much that it ease the burden and the loneliness that sometimes (most of the time??) creeping in my head.

Every Friday or Saturday ( weekends here) I have the chance to talk (via video thru skype) to my mother and nephews and sister. And just this day I have installed Kakao Talk so that I could talk free of charge to my nephews. I had wonderful kumustahan to my niece Tintin who at this time (almost midnight earlier) was still wide awake!

Living abroad is not that hard now unlike before. In our fingertips and palms we could talk and reconnect with our family anywhere as long as you are "connected" via wifi or internet router or data plan. Indeed life is much easier with this convenient gadgets.

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